Cornelius SPM Granita Frozen
Un-carbonated Beverage Dispensers

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Key Features and Benefits

Attractive Appearance - The dispensers project a stylish appearance with a brushed stainless steel body and clear plastic bowls. The black lids accent the black drip trays and trim.

Merchandising - Illuminated merchandisers on bowl lids and at the rear attract attention and promote impulse sales. All illuminated displays are equipped with long-life incandescent bulbs.

The large capacity 3.17 gal (12 ltr) bowls merchandise popular beverages such as frozen cappuccino, frozen fruit drinks, frozen cocktails and much more.

Multi-Cooling System - Each bowl is equipped with its own 3/8 hp compressor and condenser that ensure fast cool down and quick operation, by cooling the freeze cylinder. Note: the triple bowl 115v/60 Hz model is equipped with a single 5/8 hp compressor. Product freezes on the cylinder and is shaved off by an auger that wraps around the cylinder.

The multi-cooling system is especially beneficial in particularly warm applications, such as outdoor locations in the direct sun or in close proximity to hot kitchen environments. Environmentally friendly R-404a refrigerant is used.

Certain models are equipped with an air filter that is built into the rear panel, ensuring an extended life for cooling components. An audible warning alarm alerts the operator when the air filter needs cleaning.

Mixing System - The patented dual-mixing system provides optimal agitation of the product inside each bowl, ensuring that a cold, consistent-tasting product is delivered in every cup. Mixing occurs with the bottom-mounted auger and the top-mounted mixing rod. The system provides a rich, creamy-smooth and consistently icy texture.

Controls - Electronic touch pad or traditional rocker switch controlled models are available. Electronic touch pad controls provide advanced functionality and diagnostic capability. Advanced functionality includes auto defrost, daily defrost times, daily sleep and wake-up settings. In addition, the dispenser can be set to the refrigeration mode, allowing overnight storage.

Diagnostic functions include notification that the air filter needs cleaning and the system is over temperature. If either condition occurs, an audible alarm is activated and a message is displayed.

Traditional rocker switches control auger on/off, freeze on/off, refrigeration on/off. In addition, defrost times are set with a mechanical clock or are manually initiated.

Cleaning/Maintenance - The dispensers are UL Sanitation listed to NSF Std 18 and NSF Std 6 for Dairy.

Each component that contacts product easily can be removed for cleaning. For example, the stylish dispensing handle can be removed by exerting pressure on the securing tabs while lifting upward - no tools are necessary.

Auto Fill System (AFS) - The Auto-Fill System (AFS) is available as an option or standard equipment, depending on the configuration. AFS enhances the production capabilities by automatically maintaining a full bowl. AFS gradually delivers product, ensuring that an attractive level is maintained in each bowl. In addition, AFS minimizes the manual labor of mixing and refilling bowls.

Control Options

Rocker Switch Controls Option - Switch Control

Electronic Touch Pad Controls Option - Electronic Controls

Single Bowl Models
Single Bowl - Manual Fill - Switch Control - Clock Timer Defrost
P/N M621057201 - $1480.00

Double Bowl Models Available:
2 Bowl - Manual Fill - Electronic Control - Electronic Timer Defrost
P/N M621057204 - $2591.00

2 Bowl - Manual Fill - Switch Control - Clock Timer Defrost
P/N M621057235 - $2527.00

Triple Bowl Models Available:
3 Bowl - Manual Fill - Switch Control - Clock Timer Defrost
P/N M621057207 - $3243.00

Auto Fill Merchandising

Manual Fill Merchandising

Multi Cooling System

Patented Mixing System

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